JArts Featured Artist

Gabriella Willenz works in photography, video and installation to probe the tension between the construction of reality and its representation as natural and neutral. Her artworks critically interrogate how knowledge is constructed, delving into the … Read more

The Eve & Adam Project @ CARe – part two

For Part Two of this series, we are joined by Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala (Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies & Director of Madrasa-Midrasha Program, GTU) and Dr. Ashley Bacchi  (Assistant Professor of Jewish History and Ancient … Read more

The Eve & Adam Project @ CARe – part one

For Part One of this series, we are joined by both artists, who will guide us through selections from the piece. Come ready to discuss! The Eve & Adam Project is a one-hour experimental, three-part … Read more

Made In Contact by Bonny Nahmias and Gabriella Willenz

In this feature, Bonny and Gabriella share how a personal art exchange that started in the early days of the pandemic evolved to Made in Contact – a digital art book bringing together 30 Asylum … Read more

Monuments Of Memory @ Dream Farm Commons

Monuments of Memory is a two-person exhibition by Gabriella Willenz and Nancy Sayavong consisting of two separate installations. It reworks non-heroic and mundane elements – the architectural structure as well as interior objects – of … Read more

Old Craft – New Media: Gabriella Willenz’s Bezalel-inspired Leaning Tower series

From our series, “Zooming In: Weekly Curatorial Conversations from The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life.” Each week, Curators Francesco Spagnolo and Shir Kochavi present insights and connections emerging from the holdings of UC … Read more

Full Range at NIAD Arts Center

Amanda Eicher [MFA 2010], the Executive Director of NIAD a graduate of the UC Berkeley Art Practice program, and an outstanding artist, was delighted to have NIAD feature the work of Gabriella Willenz [MFA 2019] … Read more

Imaginary Circumstances in Trans Cultural Exchange’s “Hello World”

Hello World is a virtual travelogue of art works created by nearly 250 artists working in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia, available <here>. With the mere click of a mouse, stay-at-home voyagers can now … Read more

Inaugural Exhibition: Office of the Lieutenant Governor

The installation is part of a larger original work called “Standard Deviation,” ​which consists of four photograph series, a sculpture, and sound work. Series #2 and #4 are currently displayed at the Office of Lieutenant … Read more

UC Berkeley’s 2019 MFA graduates present new work at BAMPFA

For the past two years, Chrystia Cabral, Ricki Dwyer, Heesoo Kwon, Gabriella Willenz, and Connie Zheng have advanced their artistic practices as graduate students in UC Berkeley’s highly competitive MFA program, which has previously produced … Read more

ARC Fellows: Fieldwork in Las Vegas

In March 2018, Asma Kazmi and Gabriella Willenz went to Las Vegas for artistic research utilizing the ARC Fellowship funds. For Kazmi, this trip was an expansion of the ideas she has been pursuing in … Read more

Art D’var: Bereishit

As we approach the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish people read Bereishit for the 5,782nd time. The first Torah portion, which literally means “in the beginning,” is the story of the creation. And more specifically, it’s … Read more