The Eve & Adam Project

The Eve & Adam Project (Growing Up), digital collage, dimensions vary, 2022

Made in collaboration with Julia Vogl. The full project can be experienced here.

The Eve & Adam Project is a one-hour experimental, three-part audio-play. It deconstructs one of the most powerful myths of all times, the story of the first woman and man, focusing on the gender roles, hierarchy, and power dynamics that the story of creation lays out. Myths are created to explain a range of observed phenomena. At the same time, many of these phenomena are social constructs based on oppressive ideologies. With a feminist approach, we are shining a light on this myth to illustrate other narratives and models that empower positive gender dynamics.

This artwork moves between ancient and modern times and intertwines reality and fiction. The project presents three formats, each challenging these binaries in a unique way. Based on many interviews, we meticulously re-constructed a communal narrator; following the bible text we wrote a seven scene play, that imagines the nuances of relationships that could exist between Eve, Adam, the Serpent and G-D; and in an improvised session we asked a professional therapist to advise the characters as if they were just an ordinary couple coming to her for help.

Beyond investigating the source text, our project aims to unpack the ways the story is taught, remembered, and transferred as its power relies on its familiarity across the world. Because this story is so deeply rooted in the structures of our society it cannot be ignored but needs thorough re-examination.

This project was sponsored by The Jewish Collaborative, CARe at the Graduate Theological Union, the Institute for Jewish Creativity and Asylum Arts.

Watch a conversation about the project with scholars Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala (Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies & Director of Madrasa-Midrasha Program, GTU) and Dr. Ashley Bacchi (Assistant Professor of Jewish History and Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Starr King School for the Ministry).