Cubes (Rubin), spray paint and found catalog print, 8.5''x11'', 2020

Gray simplified cubes are spray-painted on catalog prints of paintings from the Israeli canon of the first half of the 20th century. The paintings depict a zionist romantic vision of the land of Israel or Palestine – depending on the year of the painting. The gray cubes that are forcefully overlaid reference the cement abstracted units the make up the various Urban Combat Training Facilities that have been constructed in different national parks around Israel. The prominent Israeli theorist, Yohoshu Leibovitch famously said “The Occupation Currports,” speaking to the psychic corruption of those in power. The violence and pain inflicted on the Palestinian people by the ongoing Occupation should disable any idolized vision of the state of Israel today.

Cubes (Gutman, Engelsberg, Ticho, Simon, Castel), spray paint and found catalog prints, 2020